Jedi Merida Cosplay – Part 1

Making my Merida cosplay was a fun project. I really wanted to attend the GR Comic Con as a Jedi, but I also liked the idea of making a Disney Princess inspired Jedi outfit after seeing some cool designs on Pinterest.

So I came up with my own design for Merida, I wanted it to be closer to the traditional Scottish style from the movie, Brave.

(click on any picture to see it larger)

10321597_860175530669143_1393124217620405541_o (1)8950_10205320568319845_3119601411216395880_n

I started by making the pants, using a pair of my yoga pants as a pattern, same idea as making a pair of pajama pants. The fabric was sort of stretchy, but I didn’t want them as tight as leggings. The also have an elastic waistband.


The jacket was a little more complicated, I made it a kimono style with two seams, so using a napkin I figured out how to cut it then used muslin (which turned into the lining) to practice. Use your measurements to figure out the length/width you will need.

_MG_9299 _MG_9300_MG_9301_MG_9302

My $3 a yard clearance linen fabric for the outside of the jacket.


To make the jacket sew the bottom arm seam and side seam in one go, repeat on other side (for both outer part and lining). Then pin together around all raw edges (except sleeves) and turn right-side out, fold and finish sleeves.

The lightsaber also presented a bit of a challange, since a bow and arrows are not Jedi-like I needed to modify a lightsaber. Ideally I would have made the whole thing, but I ran out of time and this was actually much cheaper (aka budget friendly)… since I painted it 3 days before the Con.

I took a plastic lightsaber (it used to make noise/light up but the battery door was missing and I don’t know if it worked or not). I chose a blue blade to represent the ‘wisps’ from Brave. I used 3 different colors of acrylic paint to paint a design following the basic pattern of Merida’s bow.

_MG_1780 _MG_1781 _MG_1782 _MG_1783_MG_1794 _MG_1795

I also made these accessories out of modeling clay, an arrowhead necklace (I put a chain through the hole to wear around my neck), and a buckle to put my sash through (not seen in the picture). The design was then painted on after baking.


My next post I will post details about how I made the skirt and styled the wig.