The fact I can be used for this

Interesting title, I know. I’ll get to that later. 

Writing a blog is something that have seen others do and I’ve said to myself ‘I can do that’, but I have never actually put any effort into trying to maintain a blog. 

I want to change that. It will start with sporadic entries of random projects I am working on, and I hope it can grow to something that readers come back to for DIY ideas and project inspiration. 

Right now I’m working on stock for my fall shop update and a couple of craft sales I will be attending in the fall. Here is a preview:

Now, the title. I was thinking how to title this post, something I always struggle with coming up with. I accidentally pushed the middle word suggestion on my iPhone’s keyboard, and continued (without changing any) and got these 8 words. I see them as an encouragement and an inspiration that I can do this blog thing. 



Homemade body butter with essential oils

Recently my family has been doing more with essential oils – they actually work for many purposes and are quite effective. I do recommend Young Living oils.

The Recipe:

Making the body butter is super easy, here is the recipe I used.

I used Frankincense for its benefits with various skin issues
PanAway for its muscle relaxing and soothing (putting a couple drops of PanAway in about a tsp of almond oil almost instantly relives sore joints and muscles when applied directly), Lavender for its general purposes like frankincense

I bought my Shea butter here on Amazon.com
The almond and coconut oils I got at a local health food store, you can find them online or a lot of grocery stores are carrying them now.